An incubation and acceleration expert with 20 years of hands-on experience in assisting the creation and modelling of innovation-based business-support intermediaries in geographical Europe, the MENA Region, South-East Asia, and Africa. An expert in supporting regions and innovation ecosystems to set up holistic services for entrepreneurs. A seasoned expert in setting up and managing monitoring and evaluation systems for entrepreneurship and local economic development programs. An effective business developer, experienced in crafting efficient solutions and proposals that will meet the needs of clients and communities. A skilled trainer, publication writer and speaker.

What I Can do for you…

Consulting on local economic and private-sector development, incubation and acceleration

Training  local actors, business support organizations, business advisors and more

Setting up and managing of M&E systems for development and entrepreneurship programs



H&D Partners

Rue Medeats 65

1150, Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 471309623

Skype: g.dichter


I have known Giordano Dichter for over ten years and I have found him enthusiastic, helpful, insightful and knowledgeable in the field of entrepreneurial small business in Europe.  We have worked together in developing a criteria and methodology for evaluating Business Innovation Centers (BICs) in Europe.  The systems developed have proved very valuable to Dublin BIC in benchmarking and evaluating its own operations. Chris Park, B.Comm., MBA, A.I.T.I, M.I.B.I

Consultant to Dublin BIC and Formerly Head of Small Business Development at Irish Management Institute, Dublin

Giordano is a full picture, results oriented professional that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for several years. He has the gift of engaging individuals from all different cultures, disciplines and beliefs to work together for the greater good of the project assignment. He is a consumate professional and well experienced in the business of technology commercialization and collaboration. Lynne Henkiel

Director Innovation Ecosystems, Georgia Institute of Technology

I’ve worked for years with Giordano while I was managing a BIC in Aix.
Beyond his job title and description, I remain amazed by how cleverly and efficiently Giordano has been instrumental in building a European and worldwide community of incubation and innovation practitioner.
Not only does he work relentlessly to active always more ambitious targets, but, even more strikingly, he has been able over the years to build a clear strategic vision of how the said community should organize itself. Let’s face it : without him, our industry would not be as powerful as it is right now. Olivier Tomat

Innovation Expert, France-USA Innovation & Technology Partnerships at MEAE

Giordano is a very well educated professional, able to supply creative ideas to solve (un)common problems and capable of providing practical tools and ways to put the ideas into practice. Giordano has the ability to quickly adapt to different environments and projects, as a result of many international development projects he participated in. He also has excellent interpersonal skills which have proved to be of critical importance when time constraints were imposed. Miroslava Filipovic

Professor, EDUCONS University Sremska Kamenica

Giordano is totally result-oriented consultant, with big experience and great communication skills. He provided valuable services for my company, in case of incubation services for SME’s. I hope for further cooperation in future! Oleksandr Babiy

Founder, neWstandart.Club

Giordano is a tremendous advocate and asset to the business incubation and innovation community. His knowledge, dedication and orientation to the success of the programmes he works with and the entrepreneurs they support are unmatched in our industry. It’s always been a pleasure to work with Giordano as well. Tom Strodtbeck

CEO, Strodtbeck & Co

Giordano was hired by PICTI to benchmark its key performance indicators and design a plan for capacity building to its staff and other staff at the center of excellence and propel its capability. Giordano is a professional person that takes a local business culture into consideration. He also listens to client needs and is not shy from changing plans where needed to accommodate client needs such as in the case of launching an accelerator model, new branding strategy for PICTI to become a recognized Business Innovation Center. He has done so by orchestrating the tasks and the resources to work on each item in the plan of action to achieve the project milestones. Laith Kassis

Chief Executive Optimist, Palestine Technopark

Giordano collaborated preciously with BIC Liguria on several occasions. His connections have been instrumental in the internationalization efforts of our start-ups, where he has facilitated connections with various territories, more recently with Taiwan. Furthermore, his ability to take a step back and have a birds-eye view on our incubation programs has been incredibly valuable, as it helped us to think out-of-the box and to find innovative solutions for our startups Pietro de Martino

Director of Incubators, F.I.L.S.E, Region Liguria

Giordano’s skillful business insights helped me tremendously in developing and opening the Canadian market. Thanks to his support in meeting prospects, we now have our first cohort of new EBN members in Canada. Francine Masson

Présidente Meilleures Pratiques d'Innovation Intégrées (MPII) , Réseau Technovation inc.

I worked with Giordano on the European Commission programme in the Mediterranean countries. I really appreciated his organisational skills and his knowledge of the incubation quality process and the way institutional structures should implement them. Actually, during the year we collaborated all together he proved his capabilities to assess incubator’s processes and organisation and provide them with advices on improvements. I really appreciated working with him for his personal and professional abilities. Eric Chataigné

Delivery manager and team leader, INTRASOFT International

The EU|BIC monitoring and evaluation system designed and managed by Giordano has been instrumental in helping Sviluppo Basilicata to boost the activities of our incubator in the creative sector. Giordano has proved to be very knowledgeable and accurate in helping us through the benchmarking process and in opening new horizons for our creative entrepreneurs thanks, also, to his own extensive network. Furthermore we had an amazing experience in Indonesia supporting the Ministry of Industry, through a EuropeAid Project, in building their local incubation network. Vittorio Simoncellli

Coordinator of Evaluation Unit for Public Investment, Regione Basilicata, Italy

Giordano is a really good incubation advisor with rich experience and loads of enthusiasm. he helped the CYUT Business Incubation Center obtain the EBN EU|BIC. Certificate. He also upgraded the international incubation level of Taiwanese incubation and entrepreneurship ecosystem by encouraging incubation staffs to be more professional and international and by guiding the incubators to percieve excellence. Jane Liu

Director, Chaoyang University Incubator, Taichung, Taiwan