I must admit. This is coming to be all quite new to me. As I have started collaborating with the European Crowdfunding Network recently, I have come across the words blockchain and cryptocurrencies more and more. Powerful they seem, yes, but also not that easy to grasp. John Oliver, on his show of “Last Week Tonight” of 11 March 2018, is helpful in understanding how blockchain technology works and the applications that can rely on it (at least those thought of until now), and the video is definitely enjoyable… However, things remain quite obscure to me still. The final call for caution does seem to make sense, for more than the sole reason of high risk!  

As far as I see it the human race is extremely creative. Possibly too creative… and creates at a pace that is impossible to follow. But, we (and by we I mean experienced business support providers with a certain age and experience), need to be up-to-speed and need to put in question, all the time, what we give for granted. So, yes, we may be facing a real revolution in the financial industry… Or not. Adjustments are being made, resources are being spent, time and effort is being put on the development of the new technology, and blockchain and cryptocurrencies are now among those buzzwords that policy makers just love. Well, if I have learned one thing, this is to try not to throw away the baby with the dirty water. Often time tells us that not all that is old-fashioned is to be discharged and that following buzzwords and trends may not be the most productive thing to do. But, to make any assumption now would be arrogant. Therefore… time to roll-up the sleeves and do some dirty digging and by digging, I mean learning. So if you are in the mists like me, when it comes to alternative finance, there is one thing you can do… On 22 and 23 May you can come to Brussels and attend the ECN training on 22 and 23 May in Brussels “Demystifying Alternative Finance” where in two days ECN experts will go through the essentials of Crowd and Crypto Stuff!.