Training is at the core of my values. Dynamically sharing experiences and practices is always challenging and stimulating. The training modules presented here have been designed, tested and delivered over time, always with adaptations to take account of local factors. Some of these modules are delivered jointly with other highly qualified experts. 

The following are examples of training modules that can be a “on demand”.

Please contact me if interested.


Community-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem design

Target audience: local and regional ecosystem players

Duration: 2 days

The economic growth of a region depends in no small part on the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. While it is essential that the ecosystem nourish the local entrepreneurial community and the innovators that will enable growth to happen, it is also true that every region, every local territory and every reality has its own peculiarities. Entrepreneurship responds to the conditions where it is embedded, and these vary greatly from place to place and from time to time. Getting it right is not easy, and managing the process where local stakeholders agree on a common vision is also complex.

In this 2-day workshop, which combines elements of both training and technical assistance, local actors, institutions and players from the public and private sectors of a local territorial ecosystem will work jointly to understand how to best establish and run entrepreneurial support services in their local context. Through an analysis of the needs of the local entrepreneurs and by adapting the business-support-service value chain, the workshop will forge among the participants a shared vision of the territory and a common understanding of who should be doing what,  how to get there, and with what resources.


The basics of entrepreneurship support

Target audience: for newcomers to the field or those who need some refresher training

Duration: 2 days

Supporting entrepreneurs in the start-up phase and then delivering proper services during the first years of the life of an enterprise is no easy feat and certainly not one to be taken lightly. If you are  a coach, you will be working with real people, people who will share their visions and dreams with you. Incubators, innovation centres and entrepreneurship centres are among the places where constant support is provided. However, the services they provide vary according to the type of entrepreneur and the type of companies that are being set-up, and according to the overall ecosystem where these organizations are embedded.

This 2-day training module, intended for newcomers to the business support industry, will take participants through the basics of business incubation, from entrepreneurship stimulation to pre-incubation and acceleration, from incubation to the establishment of specific growth services.


The entrepreneurship game

Target: teens and pre-teens (aged 12 to 16)

Duration: 5 days

One thing is certain: schools do not stimulate entrepreneurship! And this despite the fact that pre-teens and teenagers are at the apex of their creativity and have reached the age where they should start thinking about their future. Is entrepreneurship a possible life choice? It may be too soon to know this for sure, but it definitely is not too soon to start thinking about it and to toy with the idea!

These 5-day workshops engage teens and pre-teens (typically between the age of 12 and 16) to stimulate them to think more entrepreneurially in a creative and enjoyable way, through a role-game approach. Kids will learn what it means to engage into a start-up and will be challenged from the creative phase all the way to the designing of the business model. These workshops can take place as weekly events or the work can be spread over several weeks.